The answer is simple, yet a little ambiguous: We are all learning at different stages. Life lessons are not as simple as “I’m in year one, so I now know my sounds, blends, how to tie my shoes etc.”

For example, 2 months ago, when I was in Bali, I began reading “Money, a Love Story” by Kate Northrup. It is such a beautiful book, so easy to read and very interactive as she has at least one activity each chapter for the reader to put the book down and to complete. However, I just wasn’t ready to embody what she was teaching. I could feel internally I wasn’t ready, so I kept reading anyway, doing the activities in my head instead of on paper. 2 months later, I felt a desire to pick up her book and start reading from the beginning again, this time, writing in a dedicated notebook that I would only use for Kate’s book.

What’s the difference? I’m not sure, to be honest. I am continuously working on myself, talking to people, having open hearted conversations, disagreements that allow me to grow as a person and so many of these have happened between Bali and now.

So, I’m not sure what specifically gave me the lesson I needed to take the next step but I don’t feel the need to know anyway.

All I know is, one day, there was an internal desire to pick up her book, locate a spare notebook and start reading and writing.

So I did.


This can be applied to my whole life and I’m sure yours too.

Sometimes, we intellectually ‘know’ something, yet, on a soul level, we are not quite ready (for a variety of reasons) to embody it.


What’s the learning here then?

To be patient.

To enjoy the process.

Life is not a movie we should fast forward through to see what happens in the end.


The goodness is between the start and the finish.


So, no matter what it is that you’re telling yourself you ‘need’ to achieve or to work on, whether it’s to eat healthier or to exercise more or to be in a better financial position than you currently are; Breathe!