Whilst subjects like maths, geography and history are important in our society and life, I personally believe THE MOST IMPORTANT is the human body.

I believe we need to learn about how our bodies function, what they need to work properly. I believe more emphasis needs to be put on this subject in schools, because even when I went through high school, (which was only 15 years ago) there wasn’t a lot of time and energy spent on educating teens on their bodies, which is a downright shame!

Food is something we NEED to deal with every single day.

Sure, without money it can be difficult (but not impossible) to obtain food but even with money, it is too easy to purchase food-like substances and totally miss out on the goodness of real food that will nourish our bodies.

A few years ago, I was practising as a Kinesiologist and I found many of my clients were asking me in depth questions about their body. Whether it was hormonal, vitamins, minerals etc. I too, found myself curious as to what was going on and slightly frustrated that I didn’t have the answer, so I’d have to refer them on to someone else, hoping that other person (with appropriate qualifications) would better support my clients.

So, I decided to enrol in Nutritional Medicine and the next few years were spent learning about the body, what each gland’s function was, researching studies on appropriate vitamins, minerals, what lab studies are best for each part of the body and what the results should come back with for healthy people.

Hint: I always ask clients to bring me copies of their results so I can view them as the lab companies comments and ranges don’t always reflect the research.

I remember selecting the subject ‘Food Technology’ in years 8, 9 and 10. What I don’t recall is learning much about nutrition for our bodies. We covered topics on bulimia and anorexia which was interesting BUT irrelevant for many girls in my class, myself included.

I believe all teenagers and adults should be able to learn about their bodies. Further than that, I believe they all SHOULD.

In my opinion, I cannot see why ‘English’ is a mandatory subject whilst learning about their bodies is not.

In my opinion, if we aren’t taught how to take care of our bodies, we are going to be sick more often, putting more pressure on the public health system and potentially reducing our ability to be productive in the workplace, therefore we are less likely to utilise the skills and abilities we have learned in secondary and tertiary education.