Do you overthink? Do you waste time when your mind is circling in loops, thinking about business, family, friends, fitness, food etc?

I can definitely be someone who gets caught up in this cycle and I have found the best way out, is to ask my body what it wants to do.

The last week or so, I have been in a funk. Nothing major, just not as inspired as usual. I found myself observing I was in a lot of catch-22 situations. I knew I needed to DO something and NOT think.

So, yesterday ended up being a gorgeous sunny day (after a week of rain and cold) and once I returned home after a business brunch, I packed my bag with my water, 2 books (I always have a backup book, in case I need a change after reading a few pages of the first one) and my towel and I headed to the dog park, which is near the beach.

I found a great spot on the grass, in the sun. Once I set up camp and sat down, I noticed that the grass must have been wet still from the rainy week because the water was seeping through and was making my pants wet (don’t stress, they were dark pants). I considered packing up and going home because there weren’t any tables available and if this spot was wet, all the grass area would be. I did seriously consider leaving for a split second, then firmly decided “no”. I mentally gave the universe strict instructions that this water was not coming through once I was laying down.

Guess what, it totally worked! Once I was laying down, the water stopped leaking through my towel. Now I’m sure there’s a very logical reason, most likely that instead of most of my weight being focused in one spot when I was sitting, it was now spread out over the whole towel BUT I don’t care why it happened. I care that it DID happen!

So, I learned two things from this.

Firstly, when in a mind trap, do what your body wants to do, whether it be walk, skip, run, dance, meditate etc.

Secondly, when things aren’t going your way, ask for what you want.

So, what are you requesting from the universe today?