The question of ‘what foods are right for you’ and ‘what’s the best diet’ has been asked and disputed for the past 50+ years. There are so many fad diets that come and go and some even come back again!


The first thing I tell my client when they ask “what foods are right?” is that I don’t believe in diets and I definitely don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all diet.


It’s not often that the word ‘diet’ slips out of my mouth when I’m in session but when I do, it’s always referring to ‘the food they eat’, whether that’s in general, since their last session a fortnight ago, the past month or year etc.


Unfortunately, eating ‘healthy’ isn’t always as easy as it sounds. Mostly because it’s such an individual notion. Even if you are a gluten, dairy, sugar, soy, nightshades, meat and meat products free individual (not that I’m saying you ‘should’ be, they’re just the latest food craze), that carrot, spinach, cucumber, pear, beetroot and walnut salad may not be compatible with your body.


Even if your body doesn’t agree with just one of those items, it can flare an inflammatory response, which will have a domino effect on the rest of your body.


Thankfully, there is a way you can find out which foods are right for you and which foods aren’t.


The 500 items hair test is one of my favourite tests because it’s based on the individual person. I have seen numerous results within a few weeks of someone following the results of the test.


There are many reasons why this test will help your body and why it will help you achieve your health goals and I’ve listed my top 5 reasons you should find out what foods are right for you here:

  1. Digestive problems
  • Particularly those that linger and you can’t pin point the trigger. These include
    • Bloating after most meals or generally feeling bloated all the time.
    • Constipation or diarrhea
    • Flatulence
    • Burping
    • Heartburn


Digestive problems are so common in society today but please, believe me, they are not normal. Some stress is out of your control but you can control what food you put into your body.


  1. Hormonal problems
  • PCO and PCOS
  • Endometriosis
  • Fertility problems


Your liver is your body’s filtration system. It sorts through all the food (once it’s been broken down), heavy metals, medication, supplements as well as hormones your body produces.


The liver has a priority setting.

Extremely dangerous substances, such as heavy metals and some medication will always be processed first.

The liver assumes that ‘hormones that your body produces are safe’ and therefore, they can wait at the end of the queue until all other substances have been addressed.

Unfortunately, if your liver is constantly being over-worked, then hormones will remain in your body, potentially causing problems during this time.

One way to reduce the stress on your liver is to become aware of the foods that may place a burden on it and avoid them, whilst nourishing yourself with foods that support your body and its organs, glands and systems to function well.



  1. Thyroid problems
    Your thyroid governs your metabolism and if your body is not nourished, your thyroid can struggle and throw its hormones out of whack. Throw in some thyroid antibodies into the mix and you’ve got yourself a party –and not the good kind of party. The out of control one that has hit social media and nothing but the big guns will calm it down.



  1. You struggle choosing meals
    This test shows you exactly what foods you can eat and what you can’t eat from a list of 500 items. This can make the process easier when you go to choose recipes.
    If there is a recipe you like but unfortunately, contains a food the test has shown you can’t have, fear not as most of the time, there are other foods you can substitute.
    I recommend clients put the list up in their kitchen for a quick reference. This helps on days where you’ve run out of pre-prepared meals as it can give you inspiration for what TO choose.


  1. Nervous System Problems
    Science is now confirming what Eastern Medicine has always known. The body is interconnected. We cannot simply treat one part and ignore the others.
    The nervous system and digestive system is a prime example of this. We know that if our sympathetic nervous system is on alert, it makes it extremely difficult to relax and digest food. The opposite is also true, that what we consume through food and liquids, can have a big impact on our nervous system, including our brain.
    If you are a ‘highly strung’ person and/or experience anxiety, perhaps, a big trigger might be what you’re eating



If you’re interested in chatting with me about the 500 items hair test to find out what foods are right for you, book in a free 10-minute chat.