For me, the biggest key to wake up feeling energised in the morning is meditating in the morning.

If you’re anything like me, mornings are not the most energetic of your day. I try to find ways to make everything I do as meaningful and fun as I can.

For me, I love being snuggled in bed, under the covers, surrounded by pillows (yes, I sleep with 3 pillows). So, most mornings, I use my time in the morning to do a body meditation while I’m still in bed. This not allows me to stay in bed but it also provides me the time to connect with myself, my body, my emotions and to receive any messages before I start the new day. This is how I wake up feeling energised.

I’m definitely not perfect with this, meaning I don’t meditate every day without fail. However when I do meditate regularly, I find I wake up feeling energised in the morning, the day runs much smoother and I’m more present. This means that I am less likely to compromise my boundaries and I’m more productive with my time.

Many of my clients love their morning ritual, which is usually based around coffee. For me, I don’t enjoy coffee (I know, weird right!) but I do love spending time in my kitchen. My favourite meal is scrambled eggs with spinach leaves and avo on toast and I love being ‘in my bubble’ (meaning I’m not being interrupted), listening to music while I’m cooking.

Now, this hasn’t always been my morning routine. I’m sure if you ask me in a few months or a year, it could have changed again. That’s the beauty of being human, we have the ability to make decisions and evolve our behaviours.

I would love to hear from you, so tell me: What are your morning rituals? Do you wake up feeling energised in the morning?