It is interesting, to pause and notice recent themes in your life. They may be in multiple areas of our life (career, finances, relationships, etc) or mainly in one particular section.
It is only upon reflection that we will be able to observe common elements, and draw connections.
It is then, we can gain a deeper perspective and learn a deeper lesson, perhaps.

Over the month of January (and into February), I had a number of animals present in my life. Here is my latest foster dog, Halo. You can read more about her and the other 10+ animals who have popped into my life over Summer.

  • My friend asked me to look after her horses while she was away interstate

Theme in your life Xaar

I had multiple dogs come into my life:

  • I said goodbye to my foster dog, Bruno

Theme in your life Bruno 1 Theme in your life Bruno 2

  • I looked after my aunt’s border collie, Nala

Theme in your life Nala

  • I fostered a new dog (and my first female foster dog), Halo.
    She leaves for her forever home tomorrow, so we’re spending some quality time together today, after she helps me write this blog 🙂

Theme in your life Halo

  • My beautiful blue budgie, whom I believe has social anxiety as he doesn’t often come out of his cage, flew to me twice each day for two days. I wonder if he was getting jealous of the other animals taking my attention away from him?! Oh, excuse the bad hair day but I wanted to show you my budgie 🙂

Theme in your life Bluey Bird

  • My usual lizard friends came out to play in the backyard. They’re quite used to me now and barely bat an eyelid when I step outside. My friend calls me “The Lizard Lady” because of how often I would mention they were out and about
  • I had two huntsman spiders visiting in January. One was so cheeky, he came into my room! I swiftly escorted him out, whilst explaining the house rules (which are pretty much go anywhere except my bedroom!)

Theme in your life Huntsman Spiders

  • One day, I was busy with the admin side of my business and I heard something outside my window. I look out and I had a visitor. Well, he was visiting the macadamia tree but even then, it was amazing to hold eye contact with him for so long (over 5 minutes) before he left.

Theme in your life Cockatoo

I don’t know what your life is usually like but that was a LOT of animals visiting me. I loved each and every moment with them. Unless I paused to reflect upon my time so far this year though, I would not have realised there was an animal theme in my life.

So, what’s been the theme in your life, recently?

If you feel comfortable, share it in the comments below.