Teens have so much to deal with in their lives.

Schoolwork (including assessments), a job, social media, friends, family commitments, spiritual/religious commitments, sporting and hobby commitments, hormonal changes.

All of these ‘things’ can become overwhelming and they need to speak with someone about it.

Often, they don’t know how to communicate their feelings/emotions and they need some external guidance.

Often, when teens come to me, they give a superficial reason for their session. When I say that, I mean the reason is only skin-deep and that is ok! These concerns are real for them and we do address them but through our time together, they often will discuss other concerns, which are deeper. Things they don’t feel comfortable discussing with others or perhaps they have discussed with others but they have not achieved the results they wanted.

Speaking to a third party can often be freeing because they don’t have an attachment to the person’s point of view, like they do with friends and family.

I draw upon my 14 years’ experience in education and 9 years’ experience in clinic to support teenagers through what we all know is a difficult, delicate and crucial time.

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