Right Vs Wrong

We can get so caught up in doing things the “right way”. A core component of my business is about connecting inwards and aligning with our innate desires and knowledge of what is right…for us. So, I am constantly aware when I get caught up with what others deem to be correct.

My gorgeous PT (he really is a beautiful soul) and I were speaking recently and he asked me what I ate for breakfast that morning. I told him I hadn’t eaten anything because I can’t eat within 3 hours of training. His jaw almost dropped to the floor! He then (lovingly) reminded me about muscle recovery and how eating food, particularly protein, before and after a session would be supporting my body, especially when we complete a weights session.

When I returned home, I reflected on his comments about breakfast and I decided to have some porridge 90 minutes before our next session, to see if I was able to tolerate food now, considering I hadn’t tried it in more than 7 years.

15 minutes into our next session, I discovered that I still could NOT tolerate food that close to any exercise. Now, printing is my favourite form of cardio but this particular session we focused on whole body weights rather than HIIT. Even though it didn’t involve anything intense, I still had to pause for a few minutes.

So, do I regret eating breakfast 90 minutes prior to a workout? No. It confirmed what I already knew. My big reminder was that I knew I wasn’t being pedantic or embellishing the fact that I can’t eat within 3 hours prior to any work out, or I will be sick.

You are the one that knows the most about your body. Science and research can only get us so far. We are all individuals and as such, our bodies react differently to one another. What works for someone else or even for most people, may not work for you.

Trust that when it comes to Right Vs Wrong, that you know your body best.

Side note: My mum has since told me she has always been like this too. Perhaps it’s “in my genes”.