It is essential to get organised for your health.
Don’t wait for life to calm down before you start organising. When you’re more organised, your life will immediately flow more.

If you’re one of those people who aren’t as organised as you’d ideally prefer, are always hurrying around because of your lack of organisation, then take a seat, relax and read this blog.

If you aren’t organised, you will waste so much of your time and energy. Probably your money too.

I don’t just talk to adults about this, I talk to my teen and pre-teen clients about this topic too. I don’t think it’s too early to learn how to be organised in life.

When you’re organised, your brain isn’t wasting energy trying to remember all the little things. You have a system for everything and as a result, your whole body is calmer.

You don’t second-guess if you’ve missed an appointment.

You don’t worry if you forgot to get back to someone about something important.

Once you start becoming organised in some areas of your life, the ripples reach the other areas, too.


Step One

Get a diary!

What’s that? You already have one?


Step Two

Use the diary.

…You did use it one day in January, I hear you say?

That’s great and I’m glad it has been opened but let’s try to use it more.

Make it a habit to use it.

Set a specific time at the start of the week.

Either Sunday or Monday, whichever you view as the start and whichever works in with your schedule.

Next, schedule a time at the end of the week to review your week.

I always use Friday morning or Friday afternoon and I always use my diary for the review.


Step Three

Check in with your goals.

What did you achieve, what didn’t you achieve?

Then ask yourself a few questions:

  • Are any of these goals repeatedly not being achieved for many weeks?
    If yes, it may be time to explore why you’re not making any progress on them.
    It could be a limiting belief, it could be because the task seems too big for your brain to comprehend, which means the task needs to be chunked down into smaller steps.
  • What worked well this week?
  • What didn’t work well, or what took longer than you expected?
  • Are there any follow ups you need to add to your calendar next week?
  • How are you placed to achieve my monthly, quarterly and yearly goals?
  • Did you achieve a balance this week?
    Did you include self-care, exercise, nourishing meals, social connections, etc?
  • I also track my money here, so ask yourself questions around being happy with the financial figures you’re seeing, whether it be income or expenses.
    You can then ask are there any goals/changes for next week, as a result of the review?


Currently, I am using 3 diaries and I have been for over 12 months now.

  1. My online diary is for clients to book in.
    I need to keep my personal and business appointments in here too, so my times don’t clash.
  2. My main paper diary
    ‘Daily dream creator’ is a fabulous diary that I found 2 years ago.
    Last year, I thought I would experiment with another diary but 3 months in, I ended up purchasing the ‘Daily Dream Creator’ anyway. It is a day to a page and I love the various sections on each page. I can monitor my incoming Vs outgoings in the money section, I can write my top 3 actions, my hourly appointments, sections for play, wellbeing, dreams, gratitude and writing notes for the day.
    It also has a beautiful quote at the bottom of every page. It has space at the beginning of each quarter for quarterly dreams as well as space for each month for monthly focus’.
    They changed their designs this year and it no longer suited me, so I have bought ‘The Desire Map’. So far, so good. I will conduct a review towards the end of the year, before I purchase my 2019 diary.
  3. My Professional studies A5 diary, which is week-to-a-page.
    I am constantly doing courses, whether it’s online webinars, seminars, weekend workshops or bigger courses. I have a separate diary so I can plan what notes I want to be revising each day/week to keep me on track and ensure I’m not missing out or forgetting anything. I like to keep this separate so I don’t feel overwhelmed when I look at my main diaries, with ALL the things I “should” be doing.


That is my current system and it works brilliantly for me, for now.

Like all systems though, we do need to revise them regularly, so it may change over time.

I highly recommend you experiment with your system. You will never be 100% sure it will work for you….until you try

Let me know how you go or if you have any questions!