Kinesiology is a combination of Eastern and Western medicine. It works with both conscious and subconscious patterns and behaviours, to discover the underlying reason behind conditions and issues in your life.

I use Kinesiology to access what is not known to your conscious mind. Usually, these aspects are programs that were invented by yourself when you were a child. These programs were created to keep you safe and often, I find they also occurred to keep your loved ones happy too. However, as an adult, they may be causing you harm or at the least, blocking you from achieving your goals.

One of the beautiful aspects of Kinesiology is that I have access to a variety of tools and resources. Including Traditional Chinese Medicine and its associated meridians, 5 Element psychology and the Ba Gua. In addition, I work with flower essences and counselling techniques to gently explore what’s stopping you from achieving your goals, whether they’re relating to self-connection, health, family or career/business.

I work with women and teenagers to calm their racing thoughts, increase energy to a sustainable level, weight management, balance hormones, guide you with your relationship with food and your relationship with yourself.

Kinesiology compliments Nutrition to support your whole self: your mental, physiological and emotional health.

When you book your session, please confirm in the associated form whether you’d like to have a specific Kinesiology session or combine it with Nutrition.