Sleep issues affect almost one-third of the population at any given time and sleep hygiene can help you with your sleep issues.


Good quality sleep is essential for your nervous system, immune system, thyroid, mental health plus many other bodily systems, organs and glands.


Sleep deprivation can result in decreased energy, accidents, apathy, depression, anxiety, reduced productivity at work.


If you have sleep issues, do a review of your sleep hygiene practices. Sleep hygiene refers to healthy sleeping habits.


If you have sleep problems, I highly recommend you review my list of 10 sleep hygiene rules, to support yourself to improve your quality and/or quantity of sleep.

1. Stop electronics minimum 1 hour before bed.

You can use this time to read, meditate, talk to family members, go for a short walk around the block (not intense exercise)


2. Make dinner your last meal.

If you do want something, have a cup of calming herbal tea such as rooibos or chamomile.


3. Block out light to promote production of serotonin

White light is very stimulating to our body. You can use blue light blocker glasses from 6pm onwards and you can download a blue light blocker app to your elecronic devices.
Having light blocker blinds in the bedroom is highly beneficial, particularly if you have lights from the street or surrounding houses shining into your room.
In addition to these, you can use an eye mask if necessary. I have one handy at all times, so I don’t need to get up and out of bed to look for it. On several occasions, it has come in very handy at 2pm.


4. Get out into the sunshine early in the morning to maintain a healthy sleep-wake cycle

Cortisol and melatonin are two hormones that make up the sleep-wake cycle.
Cortisol is responsible for waking you up and melatonin is responsible for putting you to sleep.
Production of cortisol begins around 3am, usually waking you around 6am and will reach a peak approximately 9am.
Levels of cortisol is then slowly reduced until 3pm, which is when production of melatonin will kick in.


5. Use organic cotton bed sheets and ensure they’re cleaned regularly

Unless otherwise stated, always assume items are not organic, which includes bed linen.
Cotton naturally breathes, which is ideal for sleeping at night but non-organic cotton doesn’t always allow air flow.
Non-organic cotton is sprayed with horrible chemicals, which not only are you breathing in each night but you’re covering your body with. Remember, your skin is an organ and your pores will absorb what you put on it.


6. Only use the bedroom for sleep and intimacy

Don’t study on your bed or in the bedroom.
Keep your sleep space sacred.


7. Avoid stimulants of an evening (caffeine, work, study)

Particularly if you have difficulty falling asleep or are prone to waking during the night.
Stimulants are named so because they excite your nervous system. If your nervous system is stimulated, it is very difficult for your body to be in a rest/digest mode, which it needs to be in, to achieve good quality and quantity sleep


8. Exercise in the morning or during the day

Ensuring your body moves throughout the day is essential, not only for general health but to improve sleep.
Be sure to get your heart rate up, at minimum 3 times per week.


9. Get up early to promote an early bed time

Remember that cortisol and melatonin work opposite to each other. Supporting them both will enhance your chances of improved sleep.


10. Journal before bed to release any lingering thoughts from the day.

Often, when your mind is racing, your body will struggle to stay calm and you need it to be calm to induce good quality sleep
This can also help to strengthen your intentions because your mind will then be clear


Start with one of these items this week, put it into practice for at least one week and then add another one.


A number of my clients have tried to put these in practice, only to find something stops them from continuing.

Together, we have then uncovered subconscious beliefs and patterns that have blocked them.

Once their blocks have been cleared, their sleep has then improved.


If you would like support with your sleep, please send me an email today.