In addition to 1:1 consultations, I offer a number of group programs.

These vary from 1 day events to a course that runs once per week for a number of weeks. I also run school holiday workshops for children, with differing times for different age groups. In addition, I run parenting programs through the term and during school holidays.

Using my educational experience over the past 14 years, I have developed these programs with the child in mind.

I’ve used my understanding and experience with how children learn best, to develop each program.

Children learn through play, through discussion with peers and tactile experiences.

Group programs include:

  • Calm Your Mind (Meditation)
  • Food for Thought
  • Embracing Emotions
  • Food for Mood
  • Happy Hormones

Some programs involve collaboration with other professionals, whilst other programs are solely run by me.

Please join my newsletter list to be updated with new program dates or contact me to have a chat about what might work best for your child. Many parents prefer a combination of a group program alongside 1:1 consultations.