Most of us have to deal with being sick every now and again, sometimes more frequently, whether it’s a cold or flu. I recently went to Europe for 5 weeks, traveling with an organised tour group, which was amazing, however, it also meant there was 40 of us riding together on a coach for hours on end between each place we’d visit…so those germs were passed around.


Then, on top of that traveling to new places, were the long days and nights. You can sleep when you’re dead, right?

Add in the plane trip back, with a few people coughing, babies crying and trying to sleep in an almost vertical position.

Don’t get me wrong -I wouldn’t change it for the world!

A few days after I returned, a little cough popped up, then my whole head became involved – runny nose, headache, you know the drill when you’re sick.

Fortunately for me, I know what to do in this situation.

Here’s the top 5 things I do when feeling sick:

1. Sleep

This is crucial for our body, particularly when we’re feeling sick. During sleep, your immune system rebuilds & restore itself, so no wonder you crave sleep when you’re feeling sick!
It was apparent that my body was used to only sleeping 5 hours on the trip. I needed to force myself to not only go to bed early but to stay in bed after I’d woken (which was 3am the first week!)


2. Vitamin C

This vitamin is essential for our immune system and also our adrenals. We are the only meat-consuming animal who don’t produce our own vitamin C. This important vitamin is water soluble, which means we need to replenish our stores every day as our body does not readily hold onto it.
I always have Vitamin C on hand as part of my “first aid” kit.
Vitamin C was also the first thing I bought when I began feeling sick on the trip.


3. Olive Leaf Extract

This is my go-to herb for immune boosting when I’m feeling sick.


4. Get off the Computer

Have you ever noticed how your body feels after an extended period of time on your computer? It can strain your eyes, your posture changes and sometimes, my whole body can be buzzing from the computer. Having boundaries around electrical devices is crucial at any time but more importantly, when your body is feeling sick.


5. Self-Care

I am a self-confessed workaholic. I love working. I find my brain thinks of business elements long after I’ve finished for the day and so, I have implemented calming practices to support myself.
I’d already had 2 months off work, so the guilt was creeping in when I thought of having more time off. I had to force myself to stop, to realise I wasn’t actually going to be of service to anyone in the state I was in. I was better off taking a day or even a few days off to recoup, rather than producing suboptimal work and completely depleting myself, in the process.
We all know that feeling when someone arrives sick to the office. You don’t want their germs, so don’t be that person.
Instead, look at ways you can increase your self-care. For me, my favourite when I’m feeling sick is a hot bath.
Embrace not doing anything!


These are my 5 things I did to support my body when I was feeling sick after my holiday and I’m extremely glad I did.

If you’d like some support to increase your self-love, I have an entire list on how you can support yourself at any time, not just when you’re unwell.