We all have our own issues and blocks right?!

I myself went through a phase where I was so closed off to meeting new people and making new friends, mostly because of recent negative experiences during that time. I wasn’t open to inviting new people, friends or otherwise, into my life.

I have slowly been opening myself over the past 18 months and I am now so grateful for the beautiful, soulful friendships I now have.

Yesterday, it was really brought to my attention how much I have opened myself.

I ran into a friend in Bondi Junction, while I was on my way to meeting another friend. We sat for a while, having a very honest conversation about where we both were in this thing called life (I don’t really do small talk, I skip straight into the big stuff 😉 ). There was a lady sitting near us, eating her lunch in the sun. She turned to us a few times throughout our conversation (I could see her head moving behind my friend’s). I was almost about to wind up the conversation and be on my way when the lady asked if she could interrupt us, to give us both some advise.

Both of us responded with “Of course!” with great interest.

She gave us some advise, based on what she had heard, which was so lovely of her. She gave us a really specific activity to follow up on and she stood up and went on her way.

Now, 18 months ago, I may have scoffed at her advise, “Pfft, who does she think she is? She doesn’t even know me”. Or, I may have even responded differently to her, telling her I’m not interested.

Not yesterday though.

Yesterday, I felt that it was a message from the universe and a push to take some action in an area that I have felt drawn to recently but hadn’t yet started any action on.


So, I ask you, are you open to receive messages?

Do you welcome them, no matter where they come from?