As an educator of 14 years’ experience, I have observed the increase of diagnosed and suspected (undiagnosed) ADHD.

I have seen the struggle these students have experienced. I have witnessed parents breaking down because they are not coping with the situation.

I don’t want this for you.

I want you to know there is support for you, your child and your family.

I have supported many families over my time, both in the classroom as an educator and in clinic as a qualified Nutritionist & Kinesiologist.

There are many contributing factors to ADHD and many aspects to consider when addressing presenting symptoms and underlying reasons:

  • Food – Colourings, flavours, sugar, gluten, dairy etc
  • Overstimulation of the nervous system
  • Routine
  • Boundaries
  • Emotions
  • Individual biochemistry
  • Gut health

I can help you navigate through these issues, supporting you to implement changes at home and also supporting your child to process with these changes as it can be full on for them.

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