1. Walking Outside

Walking is free. You can do this by yourself, with a friend or even in a group. If you’re walking outside, you are (hopefully) in fresh air, opposed to air conditioning or fans that are standard in gyms. There is also the added benefit of walking in the sun and receiving Vitamin D, which has many added benefits to your health.


  1. Visit Your Library

I was at the library recently to look for a particular mindset/business book and I noticed that my local library has a decent selection of recipe books. They had some I had never heard of, that looked very interesting and they had a number of books that you would easily recognise, such as Pete Evans, Jamie Oliver, Donna Hays, etc.

Borrowing a cookbook may just give you the inspiration to try new recipes and the encouragement to do it immediately because you have limited time before you need to return the book(s).


  1. Prepare Your Food

I don’t know how many people I speak with, who purchase their lunch every day. If you have the desire and the income to fund it, that’s great. However, making your meals at home is beneficial to your finances as well as your health. We don’t know all the ingredients in meals that we don’t cook ourselves. They can use cheap oils, margarine, pre-made sauces, etc that we wouldn’t necessarily choose to include in our meals if we were to cook at home.


  1. Water, Water, Water

We need 2-3L of water per day. Some people find that amount a breeze to achieve, while others struggle to consume one glass. If you enjoy going out for dinners with your partner or with friends, water is an easy option to drink because it’s free! Ask for a slice of lemon or lime to bring some flavour to the water.

Bring a water bottle with you during the day, whether it’s to work, to the shops or in the car (just don’t leave it lying in the sun). This will serve as a visual reminder to drink water as well as removing temptation to spend money on soft drinks or bottled juices which aren’t healthy for your body.


  1. Healthy Dinner Parties

Start a discussion with a few friends that you are interested in eating healthier and suggest that instead of going to eat at a restaurant, you could take turns each month to do a healthy dinner party. Start a facebook group, or a dropbox folder where you can upload recipes and start friendly conversations around what is healthy and what’s not healthy.
Don’t like the mess at the end of the night? Design these nights so that everyone brings a plate to share, so the plates go back home at the end of the night, minimal cleaning involved.