Did you know you can receive lessons from your illness? As you may already know, I teach my clients about how their body is constantly communicating with them. This still happens when we’re sick.

Recently, I’ve been affected by a common cold (a less intense version of the dreaded ‘man flu’). I listened to my body all day long and boy, what a wonderful sick day I’ve had (I know, it sounds like an oxymoron, particularly as I’m sick on a Sunday).

I’ve had a number of light bulb moments this evening.

You know what I put it down to? Doing what my body wanted. Not what my head thought. It began with my family breakfast, which ended with a slight altercation with one of my sisters. I felt the desire to leave, when usually I wouldn’t, I would stay until everyone had left but I decided to pack my bag up and drive to a local park to lay in the sun.

The warmth of the Spring sun was so revitalising as I read my book and observed the dogs running in the park. I was there for at least an hour before the wind picked up and I had to leave.

Once home, I felt the desire to watch a tv series, which I gleefully indulged in. I also fell asleep for 3 hours, which I usually would stop myself from doing, in case that would ruin my sleep that night. I woke up in time to cook dinner, feeling refreshed, hungry and knowing that I was still tired enough to sleep well that night.

After dinner, I read my book before turning off the lights.

Right before bed, I had a few brilliant realisations about my business and my clients.

I firmly believe that allowing myself to tap into my body, what it needed and doing so without question or judgement, opened my soul to receive these downloads.

So, as at 9:30 pm on a Sunday night, I have had a fab-u-lous weekend, I feel relaxed, I feel tired (but let’s be real, I’m still not 100% well) and I’m now looking forward to this week ahead.

What lessons can your illness teach you?

My recommendation: remember these words next time you’re sick, to test my strategy. Ask your body what it truly desires and do it (as long as it’s not causing harm to yourself or others).

Learn how to connect with your body.