Jess McNally

                  Nutritionist & Mind Body Kinesiologist

So maybe, in your world, everyone else comes first. But if you don’t invest in yourself, you’ll hit crisis point – if you’re not already there.

If you’re done with feeling flat and more than ready to get that healthy, happy-from-the-inside-out glow, you’re in the right place.

I’m a Nutritionist and Mind-Body Kinesiologist on a mission to help time-poor women to make peace with their mind, body and spirit with practical, holistic advice, accountability, and even a little tough love (when you need it!).

When I say ‘holistic health’, I mean it.

I connect the divide between mind, body and spirit – offering scientific, evidence-based nutrition with mindset coaching and intuitive kinesiology to get to the heart of the issue, so you can finally tap into the energy in your life that’s been blocked for so long.

Our emotions, energy and nutrition are so tightly interlinked that it only made sense to approach things as a whole, rather than putting a Band-Aid on one part.

And I want to help YOU connect with your health. Connect with yourself, so you can connect with your best life.

You might not have time to look after your health – but do you have time to be sick?

Jess McNally is a qualified Nutritionist and Mind Body Kinesiologist. She has been working in Education for over 10 years, teaching children from 6 weeks to 18 years old.

She brings her experience of working in the classroom, along with behaviour management support for parents to the table when supporting busy working mums and their children with their health concerns.

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