Work With Jess

Sick of dragging yourself out of bed


Sick of how fatigue stops you from being present with your family


Sick of people pushing your boundaries


Sick of not getting where you want to go

Health is wealth, right?

Ate a salad last week, chanted a few shanty-oms in a yoga class and you’re good…. right?

But do you really, actually and honestly, feel great?

True wellbeing means taking care of yourself. Every part of you – mind, body and spirit.

Perhaps you’re sick of feeling so beige every day or sick of being sick, or sick of doubting yourself.

Perhaps in your world, everyone else comes first

However, if you don’t invest in yourself soon, you’re going to hit crisis point – if you’re not already there.

Taking action might look hard. But coming back from ill health is A LOT harder.

It might feel like you don’t have time to look after yourself But do you have time to be sick?

I’ve been there, got that t-shirt.

Before I started learning about nutrition or kinesiology, people would say ‘I’m SO tired every day’. And I’d think ‘I could win a sleeping contest against sleeping beauty, if I had the time!’.

I knew feeling as tired as I did in my early 20s, when I didn’t even have children or other major life commitments taking up my energy, wasn’t good. And it wasn’t sustainable. So I made a choice to prioritise my health and followed an entirely new path – one that has led me to you. Today I feel bright and happy – I live my life by choice, I’m brimming with energy and I feel confident knowing that I glow, from the inside out.

It came down to understanding my unique nutritional needs, working on my mindset, and clearing blocks and limitations I had unknowingly placed on myself.

And I want to help you to do the same.

You’re a gorgeous lady, made up of many different parts.

And while I bring accredited training, expertise and experience to guide you, you alone are the expert when it comes to your body.

While I know I can work with you, interpret your test results and guide your nutrition to make you feel so much better, we need to work together, to support your mind and spirit, too.

That’s why I take the time to firstly understand your body and your goals in order to tailor the steps that perfectly suit you.

  • We’ll start with your BODY, reviewing your diet, analysing your data to understand deficiencies in your diet, and the nutrients your body craves that are the reason you struggle to make it through a full day without repeatedly hitting snooze, or the coffee pot, or worse.
  • We’ll explore your MIND – how do you feel about you? What limiting beliefs are getting in your way? Are you sabotaging your own success with unhelpful blocks? Together we’ll explore a fresh perspective so you can finally end the war within you.
  • And finally, your SPIRIT. Make peace with your soul by aligning your life with your values.

Your body is talking – are you listening?

From intuitive therapy to kinesiology, nutrition to new beliefs, a fresh life with abundant energy is within reach, if only you’ll take the first steps.

‘Jess is one of those special people that make you feel comfortable from the onset. I found her to be intuitive, a great listener & allowed me space for the ‘AHA’ moments to surface. Jess assisted me to uncover a couple of little ‘blocks’ that I was totally oblivious to & the insightful (& fun) tasks set certainly gave me insight into not only what I was doing, it also allowed me to release & let go. As a result, I was able to move forward feeling much lighter in this area. So a big THANK YOU Jess,

& for anyone ‘thinking’ having a session with Jess… Stop thinking and just do it. You’ll be so glad you did.”    Donna M.


I had a coaching and kinesiology session with Jess, and I was not disappointed! She got straight to the heart of the issue and my body responded immediately. Her remedy fit so beautifully and I’ve been saying it myself daily because it resonates so strongly. I felt like I’d known her for so long, because she was so open and welcoming and I instantly felt at ease. She’s got a gift, guys! You won’t regret working with her.

Anna S

No one is perfect, and I certainly don’t expect my clients to be. We’re all human, and slip ups happen.

And that’s ok.

I’m more interested in supporting your long-term health, not wasting your time with short term fixes or crazy diets that do more harm than good.

You deserve good health. You deserve to be happy. You’re so many things to so many people – mother, daughter, sister, aunt, boss, colleague, client, best friend….

Looking after your health is making a stand for those around you, too.

Brain fog. Tired. Overweight. Fluctuating mood.

Had enough? Perfect.

If you’re ready to do something about it, then I can’t wait to help you.