Recently, I have noticed many children consuming sugar. Sugar such as soft drinks, huge bottles of juice, ‘energy’ drinks, etc.

This situation isn’t really new.

Unfortunately, for many families, these are the staple liquids in their household.

I do not say this with judgement, I say that knowing that if they really knew how much damage these drinks cause, they would not dare buy them, let alone freely give them to their children. If they were connected enough to their body, to their true self, they would realise it’s not the soft drinks they actually need, nor want.

I challenge you today:

Before you open that can of soft drink, before you pick up that bright green, blue or red bottle of ‘energy’ drink, before you order that smoothie that sounds healthy but has numerous teaspoons of sugar in it, ask yourself:

  1. Why I am reaching for this?
  2. What am I wanting to receive?
  3. What result will this give me?
  4. How else could I give myself what I actually want or need?


“I need energy”

If you found yourself leaping into excuses just now, claiming to feel tired and your children will be home from school soon, which means your afternoon ‘taxi service’ shift will begin (aka after-school activities, grocery shopping etc) followed by the evening dinner/bath/bed routine, trust me, I understand what you’re dealing with.

Let me ask you a question though: Are your current action helping you?

Instead of the sugar, could you have a piece of fruit with full-fat, greek yoghurt and some water?

Then I want you to ask yourself, how can I better prepare myself tomorrow and the next day and all of next week?

Ask yourself: Can I prepare dinner earlier? Perhaps plan a slow cook meal, so you can sit with your children whilst dinner is cooking?

People don’t generally achieve their goals on their first attempt. However, you need the first brick to build a house.

If all you do today, is ask yourself that very first question, “Why am I reaching for this product?” then today is a good day.

You have taken that first step. Sometimes, the next few actions are simply a repetition of the first step, until you feel comfortable to take the second step.

So, ask yourself at least once today:

What am I hoping to achieve by drinking this drink / eating this food / doing this activity?