I love being organised!

Believing my level of organisation made me “unattractive” and “annoying”, I used to hide it.

I now embrace my organisation and I am not attached to people liking or disliking that aspect of me.

However, I have been doing a group program which involved progressive art with my finances and I realised that I was not receiving any unexpected income, because I (believe) I always know when and from where my income is coming. In the group program, a number of ladies were sharing their unexpected income and I found myself being SUPER ENVIOUS of them.

So, I declared to the universe that “I want unexpected income!” Yes, I admit, in that moment, I may have sounded like a spoiled brat. We all have moments like that.

There was a part of me that was still confused, still in doubt that it would happen, still trying to figure out where it came from…I know, right, I was trying to figure out where this “unexpected” money was coming from? Kind of like an oxymoron, right!

Later that night, I checked my emails and low and behold, I had an email from a company I am familiar with, telling me they had money owing to me and asked me if I’d like it transferred that month!

I was shocked! I was so shocked in fact, that I replied to this email, asking them if this was actual money that was going to appear into my bank account.

What do you do when you’ve manifested your goal?

I shared this fantastic news with the ladies in the group program and I thanked the universe for listening and I confirmed that I was so happy to receive that unexpected money and confirmed that path was safe and open.

I then received a reply from the company, saying they felt there was some money owing to me from previous months and they were asking if I wanted them to double check. I shouted “Hell yes”. The next email I received from them said an additional amount was also going to be paid into my account.

The fact that I could see that I am capable of manifesting unexpected income (on demand) amazed me. This was the first time I had consciously done so.

So, whilst I love being organised, I see extreme value in having parts of certain areas that remain flexible and not as organised as the rest of my life may be.