1. Increase Incidental Exercise

Use regular daily and weekly activities to increase incidental exercise. For example, parking further away from the entrance to shopping centres; get off the train one stop earlier when you’re going into the city. This will only take an extra 10 or so minutes for each option but your body will reap the rewards.


  1. Do 2-for1 activities

I’m a huge fan of maximising my time because it makes me feel good. I go to the gym when I’m listening to podcasts because it encourages me to go to the gym. I write down blog ideas in my “notes” app on my phone whilst standing in the checkout line. Think about all the activities in your life that you would be able to do more than one action at that time. This is not about overloading you by multi-tasking, this is about maximising your time. When I’m at the gym, my first priority is to watch what I’m doing and how I’m positioning my body. At the same time, I trust that what I’m listening to will at least subconsciously be absorbed into my brain. When I’m in the checkout line, I actively open my awareness, my mind & body and I allow ideas, thoughts, etc to enter my consciousness.


  1. Get Your Children Involved

Use your self-care time as an opportunity to show your child ways they can connect with themselves. Call it “Mummy & Jack’s special time”, where you can do some yoga stretching together or you can paint your nails together or rub cream into your legs or do a 5-minute meditation.


  1. Choose The Right Kind of Foods

When we feel that time is escaping us, we can opt for a quick-fix breakfast/lunch/dinner. It is handy to note the healthy places to stop and purchase lunch or a snack from. Do your research ahead of time so that you know those options and when the situation hits, you don’t have to waste time you don’t have, looking up healthy places…because we both know that won’t happen!

Having meals that you’ve pre-made and stored in the freezer can be extremely helpful when you find yourself in a time-poor situation. Even if you don’t have much room in the freezer, having 1-2 meals at the ready can combat that guilty feelings of eating takeaway (you know the one).


  1. Rediscover The Fun

When life gets busy, we can get caught with the pressure of the “have-to’s”. You know, “I have to do X” and “I have to do Y”. Bringing our awareness back to the reasons behind these thoughts can allow us to connect to the fun aspect again. Sure, you might be caught up with some client work or you might be trying to juggle tradies and properties but if you reconnect with the purpose behind it all, the inspiration for the tasks, you can find a way to bring the fun back into it because the FEELING IS DIFFERENT.

Our bodies work amazingly well when we’re not stressed. We actually function better on a cellular level.