About Jess McNally

My name is Jess McNally and I’m a Nutritionist and Mind-Body Kinesiologist.


I’m on a mission to help busy women create abundant energy in their life by reconnecting their body, mind and spirit through nutrition, mindset and emotional support. 

You’re not a robot.
Or a garbage bin.

You’re a gorgeous, time-poor human who needs to take better care of herself, rather than putting everyone else, and everything else, first.

Imagine being confident in your choices. In yourself. In your own body – and glowing with vibrant health.


If that’s not where you’re at today, it’s time to put yourself first, for a change.


Our bodies are so good at compensating for our bad habits. Didn’t get enough sleep? Ate greasy takeaway three nights in a row? Ignoring how you REALLY feel about your job, your life, or even yourself? Your body covers for you.


It’s so easy to make those simple choices – but the reality is, you’re digging a hole. Your body is wasting energy compensating for that stress, the physical and mental abuse – and unless you stop digging, the long-term consequences might not be pretty.


Earlier in my career, I was a school teacher, and saw directly the impact of nutrition and mindset on emotions, energy and behaviour. That made me want to pursue a path to help others reconnect with their health, by supporting their minds and bodies through holistic practices – looking at the whole picture.


I can’t thank you enough for the thought and care you put into our session together yesterday.

Your insight and wisdom was incredibly helpful. You have a true gift in being able to reveal core issues and offer support and guidance to help overcome these obstacles.

Kellie W


I’m committed to helping you feel your best – I’m naturally quite nurturing, and love a good laugh, which, paired with my background in Education, means I’ll break down the science behind the physical aspects of your health and nutrition, then work with you to unblock limiting beliefs so we can understand what’s really going on.


I’ll keep you accountable – if you need it, I won’t be afraid to call you out on not keeping your promises to support your health. The secret lies in making simple, achievable tweaks over time, rather than trying to change everything at once and getting overwhelmed or burnt out, and giving up in two weeks.


Jess has this uncanny knack of always getting behind the surface of my problem to the root cause.  Her compassion, sense of humour and endless knowledge about how the mind and body works ensures I feel balanced and empowered when I leave.

She is able to explain things to me so I understand and has a calm presence that instantly make me feel comfortable.

I look forward to seeing Jess and I know I am in good hands.           

Kirsten R


It comes down to prioritising your physical AND mental wellbeing – you’re a whole person, not a robot.


When it comes to the mind, body, spirit connection, I believe integrity, honesty and professionalism are so important.


That’s why I start with the physical – your diet, your habits, your health, and even drawing on simple medical tests using a sample of your hair, utilizing evidence-based knowledge to quickly understand what your body needs to feel optimal health.


From there, we explore your how you treat your body and any limiting beliefs that are holding you back, so we can map a plan that aligns your body, mind and spirit, easing guilt and moving you towards the life you want to lead.


If you’re ready to put your physical, mental and spiritual health first, then I would love to support you on that journey.

If you would like to book a combination session, where we involve BOTH Nutrition and Kinesiology, you’re welcome to.
I prefer this way as I believe it makes for deeper, lasting changes.
Simply choose either option above and write a note when you book or send me an email after you’ve booked.